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      Automatic Hard Cover Making Machine

      The automatic case making machine is used for making the hard cover books, calendar, rigid boxes, etc. It also can do the lining function. Speed is about 25-30pcs/min.

      Automatic Stripping Machine

      Automatic stripping machine is the professional equipment for automatic blanking the die cutted material, like tag, label, box, paper cup, etc. and take off the finished products by hand. 

      Paper Sheeting Machine
      The paper sheeting machine is used for cutting roll paper into sheets, there is 1,2,3,4,5,6 unwinding rolls for your choose.
      Paper Bag Making Machine
      There are two types of the food bag machine for your choose, one is by square bottom, the other is by V bottom. Find your right machines here.

      Why Choose Koten

      1. Factory Price.   2. High Quality Reputation proved by more than 140 countries' customers.  3. More than 15 years exporting experience.  4. After sales service is available by dealers in some regions.


      Company Size


      Industry Experience


      Production Capacity


      Employee Count

      Koten Will Provide You Various Solutions

      Ruian Koten Machinery Co.Ltd (upgrade from Koten Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd) is specialized in manufacture of printing and packaging machineries in China since 2005. Especially focus on supplying the full solutions for different kinds of books making machines, post press and paper converting machines, paper box making machines, rigid box making machines and paper bags making machines.

      Our Top Service

      Koten Brand Machines Were Sold to More Than 140 countries till 2019. Every Year we exported more than 100 machines all over the world, pls contact with our sales team to get the machine sold area and check machine quality if possible. And there are some places we have agency who can take the after sales services for you. Like India, France, Nigeria, etc. Depends on different machines. 


      We Have Exported to More Than 140 Countries

      Latest News

      August 03, 2021

      Hard cover case maker designTo meet the increasing demands of the people for books and periodicals, in mass production, it is also required to make the bookcase and fit it with the book block, making it easier to realize mechanized and automated production. The hard cover case maker came into being.

      July 27, 2021

      Do you know about stitching headsNow that the level of mechanization continues to improve, the printing industry is also constantly improving its technology. The binding machine can greatly improve efficiency, so it has become a necessary choice for many print shops. Among the components o

      July 29, 2021

      Do you know the capacity of the paper machineA folding machine is a machine that can replace manual work and assist in document binding. It has been widely used in the current market. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the printing industry also emerged. At this time, much pr

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      Contact Us

      Business Tel: +86-577-66887790

      Fax: +86-577-65615260

      E-mail: Master@cn-koten.com 

      Whasapp/Wechat/Mobile: +86-13958895259 

      Add:Room 402, Unit One, No.5 Building, North Sunshine Road, Anyang Street, Ruian City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. ZIP. 325200

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